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Over 1 million ballet students in the US are over the age of 30.

Ballet burns calories at a rate of 170-215 for 30 minutes - more if you're heavier. Willow Dance Center classes are the traditional 90 minutes. 

Ballet has all 4 Fitness Building Blocks recommended by AARP for older adults: Endurance, Strengthening, Flexibility and Balance.

Dance was the only physical activity found to reduce dementia, in a study by Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Ballet releases endorphins into the brain that make you feel good.

Most ballet is done to classical movement which is linked to higher test scores.

Ballet combines cardio work with muscle strengthening and stretching. It improves posture and flexibility. Many back problems are the result of poor posture and weak core muscles; both addressed by ballet.

Ballet works the left brain with the logic of combination of steps and the right brain with music interpretation.

Ballet movements are known to release stress and tension from the body.

Most of our students find ballet a great antidote to sitting at desks all day. Come relax, enjoy the music and the movement.

"If ballet were easy, they would call it football." (The Game Plan)

Want more specifics or have a particular fitness concern? Contact Kathy at director@willowdancecenter.com or 831-2420.