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What's interesting in the dance world?

Did you know that Anna Pavlova danced the role of The Dying Swan hundreds of times throughout her career.  It is even said that her last words before she died were "prepare my swan costume".
Did you know that for his Paris performace of La Spectre de la Rose in 1911, Nijinsky wore a costume coverd in rose petals.  Later, his assistant was said to have made a small fortune by selling the petals to Nijinsky's fans.
Did you knw that a female ballet dancer can go through 2 pairs of pointe shoes in one performance.
Did you know that Maria Taglioni was the first ballerina to successfully dance en pointe in a production of la Sylphide in 1832.  Dancing en pointe made the dancers appear light and delicate, like fairies.  But it was not until later in the centrury when Italian shoemakers produced "blocked" shoes, that pointe work could be sustained for any length of time.
Did you know Marie de Camargo (1710-1770) who was the most celebrated dancer of her day and was famous for the brilliance and speed of her foot work.  To show off her dazzling footwork, she daringly raised the hem of her ballet skirt from floor length to just above the ankle.
Did you know that the first ballet dancers were courtiers and members of the nobility.  Men played the women's parts dressed in masks and wigs.  The first professional female dancer did not appear until 1681.
Did you know the first real ballet combining dance, music and mime was commissioned by the French queen, Catherine de Medici, to celebrte a wedding.  The ballet lasted 5 hours and was watched by 10,000 guests.
Did you know the earliest ballets were danced in the royal courts of Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries.  They were called dinner ballets because the dancing took place between courses of the banquet.
Did you know that the word ballet comes from the Italian word balletto, which means "little dance".
Did you know that the majority of the So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) finalists have ballet training?

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